IHSA requires a highly motivated and organised individual to oversee and coordinate the Adelaide Summer League (ASL). The Adelaide Summer League (ASL) is a league designed to provide the highest level of competition for players aged 16 years and above. The ASL is regulated by the ASL Committee who is appointed by the IHSA Board. The ASL Coordinator is responsible for the coordination, administration and general supervision of the ASL.

This position requires extensive communication and a strong working relationship with our Players, Coaches, Officials and IHSA. This position requires good organisational and management skills as well as the very critical skill of communication. This is a voluntary role.

Specific Responsibilities /Duties:

  • Coordinate the League games, season and calendar.

  • Responsibility for the planning and conducting of theASL. The ASL Coordinator will work with all stakeholders to ensure the ASL season is conducted in an efficient manner within a safe playing environment.

  • Coordinating with IHSA RIC for seasons officials.

  • Ensuring team entry complies with IHSA rules and regulations

  • Chair and notify the Teams / IHSA of season meetings.

  • Coordinate IHSA Trophies and Awards for the Finals.

  • Attend Finals.

  • Ensuring the coordination and compliance with IHSA requirements as set out in the IHSA ASL Regulations as approved by the IHSA Board and any other requirements as stated by the Board.

  • Make appropriate recommendations and advise the Board on all matters and issues relating to the ASL.

  • Ensure that current information and league statistics are maintained on the IHSA’s ESD site and website including various calendars.

  • Coordinate marketing/social media and communication for the ASL to ensure the best possible profile and to maintain the integrity of the League in accordance with IHSA expectations.

General committee members are also needed.

All applications are to be emailed to the IHSA Executive no later than May 8th 2021.

For questions regarding Ice Hockey South Australia please email or go to

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