The Adelaide Generals lined up for Game 1 of the AJIHL Tournament against the Sydney Sabres, with a good crowd on hand to watch the first game. The game got off to a fast start in both directions with both teams showing they were here to win! The Sabres physical play was a highlight of the first period until Jake Riley put one in the back of the net for the Generals.

The second was off to another fast and physical start by the Sabres, but the Generals were undeterred and had the majority of the play early on with Remy McGuiness slotting one home for the home side. Sabres came back strong towards the end of the period with some solid shooting and Jack Ransome eventually getting one past Charlie Wragg to get the Sabres back in the game at 2 - 1. Both teams were desperate to show their dominance on the ice with Zach Boyle and Kory Sheridan having a disagreement over who was buying drinks after the game and both copping a 2 minute break, courtesy of the Referee.

Period 3 was started just like the other 2, fast and hard, but the Generals got on the board first with a power-play goal from Remy McGuiness, assisted by Riley and Boyle. The Sabres never say die attitude kept them in the game until Kyle Collier hit the back of the net with his first and the assists from Riley & Geyer, putting the game beyond reach for the Sabres.

What a great game to start the tournament for the Generals with Jake Riley picking up 3 points from 1 goal and 2 assists, Remy McGuiness grabbing a couple of goals, Kyle Collier scoring 1 and Zach Boyle getting a couple of assists from his defensive role. Well done to the Generals lads, Coach Boyle said “We are looking forward to big things from the team in this Tournament and as long as the guys continue to play as a team we can achieve or goal of being number 1.”

FIRST PERIOD SCORING 3:51 - Generals: Goal - Jake Riley (Unassisted) PENALTIES 13:27 - Sabres: Nathan Moncrieff - Tripping 9:03 Generals: Zach Boyle - Interference 0:14 - Sabres: Nick Air - Charging

SECOND PERIOD SCORING 8:25 - Generals: Goal - Remy McGuiness (Assist Ryan Foll - Zach Boyle) 3:28 - Sabres: Goal - Jack Ransome (Assist James Barton) PENALTIES 11:40 - Sabres: Daniel Pataky - Interference 7:46 Generals: Zach Boyle - Holding stick 0:35 Sabres: Kory Sheridan - Roughing 0:35 Generals: Zach Boyle - Roughing

THIRD PERIOD SCORING 10:49 - Generals: Goal - Remy McGuiness (Assist Jake Riley- Zach Boyle) 3:48 - Generals: Goal - Kyle Collier (Assist Jake Riley - Jordan Geyer)

PENALTIES 11:40 Sabres: Kory Sheridan - Kneeing 6:12 Sabres: Kory Sheridan - Interference

FINAL SCORE - GENERALS 4 - SABRES 1 Shots on Goal 1st 2nd 3rd Total Generals 9/1 14/1 10/2 33/4 Sabres 7/0 14/1 6/0 27/1

Generals - Charlie Wragg - 27 shots for 1 goals Sabres - Dale Tilsted - 33 shots for 4 goals

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