The Adelaide Huskies - ( came together in late 2016 with the intention of competing in the Scotiabank Singapore Ice Dragons Tournament ( in the U10 division (In 2016, two Adelaide players had joined the Perth team in this competition). The team focus was to take up to 15 players and a Goalie to this tournament to give them international competition experience, as well as improving individual and team skills.

With a majority of the team arriving in Singapore on the 6th March, the Huskies held a team day at Universal Studios on Tuesday 8th March where we got to meet the interstate players joining the team and the kids got to know each other off the ice. The next day the Huskies joined a public skate session where the team got to see ‘The Rink’ which is located inside the JCUBE shopping centre in Jurong East.

Our first game was at 7am Thursday 9th March against the Pilipinas Islanders (whom a majority of players were from the US and Canada). The Huskies started nervously and let 4 goals through in the first period - this would have been a lot more but Goalkeeper Zac did an amazing job in net as his team gained confidence around him. Second period saw the Huskies improve and only let through two more goals and in the third the Huskies held it 1 all to finish losing 7:1.

Game 2 was again at 7am on Friday against a team that was already identified as the best in the U10 Squirts division, the Hubei Panthers (which contains Chinese players drawn from the ‘besthockeyforyu’ hockey school). The Huskies had an absolutely amazing start, where it is understood they were the only team to hold Hubei scoreless in a first period, however in the second period Hubei shot 5 goals and in the third they changed tactics to only passing and not shooting to eventually win 8:0. They had a recorded 30 shots to our 0 shots on net!

The Huskies had to regroup quickly for our third game 2.5 hours later against the Singapore Ice Dragons top team (they entered three teams). Tournament Tiredness, possibly combined with the loss against Hubei, kicked in and the Huskies did not have a good game. 9:0 was the final score, and although they had some good moments in the game Singapore had taken thirty shots on net and only managed to put 6 back on them. The Huskies were now bottom (4th) in Division B, and had a semi final game at 5pm that day (third game for the day) so the players were sent back to their respective accommodation to get some rest. Well, except Amelia who filled in as goalie for the Shanghai Thunderbirds (let it be known that they wanted Zac, but the Huskies needed to rest him for our third game of the day).

For the Silver Cup semi final game the Huskies went in with a whole different pregame approach, and a new on ice warm up as well as positioning plan. They were up against Singapore White, the hosts second tier team who were currently sitting in third place in Division A. Singapore scored very early in the first period, and the Huskies called a time out to get the kids heads back into the game and to not focus on the scoreboard but on having fun and how many shots they could get on net. It worked and by the end of the second period the Huskies were up 2:1. They doubled that to a 4:1 final score, and won their first game and a place in the Silver Cup Final the next day.

The Pilipinas Islanders won their way through to the Silver Cup final to take on the Huskies at 1pm Saturday in the first of the Silver finals. It was a tough game against a team that had convincingly beaten the Huskies 7:1 in the opening round. The Huskies played brilliantly, and competed all the way to a final loss of 5:2. A brilliant result considering; that they came into this tournament at the end of our off season, many of our players will get a few more season of U10 hockey before they need to move up, and that we had achieved our goal of continuous improvement.

The Huskies were awarded their silver medals, and in the change rooms parents and players were already talking about coming back next year - so much so that we have an expressions of interest form for 2018: and would look at entering Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam teams if there is interest.

2017 Huskies - supported by Power Play Sports and Flinders Ports

Rear: Deon Nottle (Bench), Steven Mirfin (Bench), Christian Knott (Coach)

Third: Ben Shearer (WA), Daniel Koudelka (A, SA), Amelia Knott (C, SA), Diamantina Dowell (ACT), Gabriel Koudelka (SA), Thomas Curl (SA), Blake Ung (SA), Lucas Given (A, SA)

Second: Easton Shearer (WA), Lalia Given (SA), Mickey Nottle (SA), Jasmine Chen (SA)

Front: Zac Mirfin (Goalie, SA)

Taking Photo - Nicole Knott (Team Manager)

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